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Floating Oasis

This floating water mat will be your favorite lake accessory this summer. This Floating Oasis won't ask you to spend time inflating it - just unroll and go. Plus - don’t worry about floating too far from shore with our easy tethering system. How’s that for lakeside leisure on your own floating island?


What’s Included:

  • One (1) Floating Oasis lake pad measuring 180” long x 72” wide x 1.5” thick
  • Two (2) durable nylon straps
  • One (1) D-Ring tethering system
  • One (1) bungee anchor line
  • One (1) product maintenance and safety sheet

about this product

A Huge Floating Water Mat Big Enough for the Whole Family
The Floating Oasis is simply put, the most fun you’ll have this summer. Big enough for the whole family, this floating island is a whopping 15’ x 6’ and can support up to 1,500 lbs. of evenly distributed weight. A floating foam island is perfect for the lake - it’s easy to transport, easy to anchor, and even easier to have fun with.

Heavy-Duty Materials & Easy Anchor System for Never Ending Fun
Our heavy-duty floating foam pads are crafted in the USA for long-term fun and floating relaxation with two layers of extra buoyant closed cell Polyethylene foam. Puncture resistant, tear resistant, easy to clean, and the champion of lakeside relaxation - what’s not to love?

Won’t Fade and Won’t Degrade
When it’s time to battle the elements of mother nature, our products are chemical and weather-resistant. So, your favorite products won’t disintegrate or fade in color, even with prolonged use in the blazing sun.

Portable for Lakeside Fun
This leisure-ready floating foam island never needs to be inflated (no, never!). Plus, it’s big on convenience - to store your floating island, simply roll it up and fasten it with the two included nylon straps. Then when you're ready for lakeside leisure simply unroll and tether to your favorite spot!

about floatation iq

Floatation iQ offers customers a high quality line of foam-based relaxation, entertainment, water accessory, and water sport products for lakes and pools. Our company prides itself on bringing you products with the following benefits:

Made in America

All Floatation iQ products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America (USA) at our state of the art facility, located in Lenexa, Kansas.

High Quality Foam
No cutting corners here, we only use high quality PE foam for our floating pool rafts.

No Inflating Required
You have better things to do (like having fun). Our foam pool floats never waste any play time to inflate.

Puncture Resistant
How many times have your summer days been ruined by a popped toy? Not to worry, our huge foam water lounger is resilient to rough-and-tumble play.

Easy to Clean
After use, simply use a sponge to wipe clean any foreign material that could scuff or tear your product. To extend the product life, we recommend drying before storage and avoiding storage in direct sunlight.

Fun for the Entire Family
From young, to young at heart, Floatation iQ pool floats are great for the whole family, big enough and strong enough to support the whole crew.

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