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View our Product care & safety guide here!

Made and fully assembled in the USA.

No, but do not eat, digest, or consume the foam material.

Remove product from water dry, store in a location that is protected from the elements.

Yes, please see our additional parts page for ordering and shipping information.

Approximately 1,500 lbs. of dispersed weight.

We do not recommend letting a dog play on the product due to the risk of scratching from pet nails.


1.5" to 2.25"

No, but we recommend tethering your lake pad to your parked boat or dock for maximum relaxation.

Store in a place protected from the elements and if the product gets dirty, rinse off. We recommend using a mild soap and damp cloth to wipe away any debris or sand.

There is a tear-preventative layer in the middle of the product to protect from tears; however, we cannot guarantee 100% puncture resistance.

We recommend removing your product from the water after every use to ensure its longevity.

For products that arrived damaged, please contact us directly at customerservice@floatationiq.com for assistance.

We suggest tethering your Floating Oasis with the provided anchor to your parked boat or dock to ensure the product does not float away with the current.

Our products are made from cross-linked polyethylene foam making it soft and comfortable to the touch.


Yes, with proper care and cleaning. Take product out of water, let dry, and store away from elements.  Clean when dirty or otherwise necessary.

Like most products, UV rays are damaging to the surface and could cause fading and hazing of the surface if left in sunlight for weeks at a time. It needs to be kept dry and protected from direct sunlight when not in use.

No, however, direct exposure to sunlight will warm the surface of the product.  We suggest splashing water every-so-often to keep the product cool.


Please visit our website at www.FloatationiQ.com for more information regarding our aquatic products.