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Personal Libation Floatation Station – COCA-COLA® Pop Art

Things go better with Coke® and those things are COCA-COLA® Personal Libation Floatation Stations! Keep your favorite refreshment within arm’s reach using our easy-to-use tethering system to fasten your Personal Libation Floatation Station to your COCACOLA® Personal Floating Oasis. Have a COCA-COLA® and float on! We do recommend using a can koozie with this product to maximize your experience.


What’s Included:

  • Four (4) personal floating libation stations measuring 9.5” long x 9.5” wide x 1.5” thick
  • Four (4) grommets
  • One (1) 6' foot tether w/ s-clip
  • One (1) product maintenance and safety sheet
Coca-Cola Pop Art
Red White and Coke

About the Product

Cheers! Here’s to the Personal Libation Floatation Station

What’s better than a dip in the lake or the pool? A beverage bobbing loyally beside you during your relaxation time! Nestle your drink in the Personal Libation Floatation Station drink holder, tether it to your Personal Floating Oasis or H Water Hammock, and float alongside your favorite beverage. 

Heavy-Duty Materials to Keep Your Drinks High from the Tide

The Personal Libation Floatation Station is made of two layers of high-quality Polyethylene foam providing stability and extra buoyancy. Our Personal Libation Floatation Station positions your cup to lower center of gravity and reduces the chances of capsizing your favorite drink.

Won’t Fade and Won’t Degrade

When it’s time to cool off from the hot sun, Floatation iQ products can withstand the heat! Your Personal Libation Floatation Station won’t disintegrate, bleed, or fade in color, even with prolonged use in the blazing sun and/or extended exposure to chlorinated swimming pool water.

Bring the Party with You

The Personal Libation Floatation Station is compact and lightweight, allowing you to easily transport and store in your boat, lake house, or pool house.

About Floatation iQ

Floatation iQ offers customers a high quality line of foam-based relaxation, entertainment, water accessory, and water sport products for lakes and pools. Our company prides itself on bringing you products with the following benefits:

Made in America

All Floatation iQ products are proudly designed and manufactured in the United States of America (USA) at our state of the art facility, located in Lenexa, Kansas.

High Quality Foam

We manufacture all products using a high quality cross-linked polyethylene (PE) foam that is fade resistant and prevents color bleeding due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or water.

No Inflating Required

Our foam-based products are naturally buoyant and never require you to waste your play time inflating or deflating.

Puncture/Tear Resistant

We use a proprietary lamination process that makes our products puncture and tear resistant. Unlike inflatable pool toys, you’ll never have to worry about air leaks ruining your fun.

Easy to Clean

After use, simply use a sponge to wipe clean any foreign material that could scuff or tear your product. To extend the product life, we recommend drying before storage and avoiding storage in direct sunlight.

Fun for the Entire Family

From young, to young at heart, Floatation iQ products are designed to be enjoyed by your lonesome, with your friends, or with the entire family.